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About Us

Rooted in strength, carrying a legacy into the future, the symbol of trust and quality in transportation

Rooted Strength, Carrying Legacy into the Future

7/24 Service

With a commitment to providing uninterrupted service to our customers, we adopt a solution-oriented approach that is accessible around the clock


Our mission is to be a reliable partner to our customers with our deep-rooted history and experienced staff


With our expert and experienced staff, we solve every logistical challenge with a professional approach

About Us

Dilnak Logistics: Rooted Strength, Carrying Legacy into the Future.

The foundations of Dilnak Logistics were laid in 1969, when our father Hacı Ahmet Turan started domestic transport with his own vehicle. These years were the first steps of our family in the logistics sector and the first experiences in the field of transport.

This valuable logistics heritage left to us by Hacı Ahmet Turan gained an official identity as Dilnak Logistics in 2006. Since that day, we are proud to be a family company with a deep-rooted history in the logistics sector by carrying this heritage strongly.

As Dilnak Logistics, we combine our know-how, experience and reliability in the sector with the quality services we offer to our customers. The years that have passed since our father’s first steps have brought us the responsibility of continuing a family tradition beyond being just a company. Keeping this tradition alive, offering the best to our customers and strengthening our leadership in the sector are the basic principles of Dilnak Logistics.

With our vision for the future, as Dilnak Logistics, we continue to walk forward in transport and logistics solutions. In order to be worthy of the trust in our commitments to you, we are developing and growing every day.

Our Mission

As Dilnak Logistics, we are committed to providing reliable, fast and solution-oriented services by keeping customer satisfaction at the highest level and using our expertise in the logistics sector. We produce solutions for the special needs of our customers with a wide range of services such as container transport, heavy load transport, boat and project transport, crane and tower transport. As Dilnak Logistics, we continue to act with the awareness of our responsibilities towards our customers by reinforcing our reliability in the sector.

Our Vision

As Dilnak Logistics, we are determined to be a reliable solution partner in the sector and to maximise customer satisfaction. We want to gain and maintain the trust of our customers by providing services that exceed their expectations. By pioneering technological innovations, we aim to strengthen our customer-oriented approach and become a trusted name in the sector.

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